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Hydrofoil technology has evolved so rapidly in recent years and the improvements in foiling equipment have allowed for an entirely new sport to be born. The simplicity of the gear compared to other wind sports make wing foiling really fun and accessible to so many people. Combine that with the advantages of hydrofoils when it comes to efficiency and upwind ability and its hard for any wind enthusiast to resist! If you're curious about trying this awesome new sport don't hesitate to contact us. Once you feel the glide there's no turning back!

All our wing packages are offered as Private or Double Sessions.
Private Sessions - Just you and your instructor. Get the most out of your time on the water with one on one, personalized instruction.
Double Sessions - Two students with one instructor. Make it fun by bringing a friend and learning how to work together as a team.

6hr Power Pack
6 HR Power Pack
over 2 to 3 days

If commitment isn’t a problem for you and you’re ready to plunge into this sport, the 6hr Power Pack will take you through all the basics and give you the skills and knowledge to get you to an independent level. If you’ve already covered the basics and just need to practice with the assistance of an instructor, its a great bundle, offering the best hourly rate for one or two students.

6hr (private) - 450 USD
6hr (double) - 360 USD per person

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2hr Progression Session
2 HR Progression Session

Two hours with an instructor that we can customize to suit your level. If you’re a complete beginner and looking for an introductory class this is the perfect amount of time to cover basics and get your on your way. Or if you just want some supervision, pro tips, and assistance for a couple hours, we’ve got you covered.

2hr (private) - 180 USD
2hr (double) - 140 USD per person

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Please notify us at least 48hrs in advance for cancellations. We have limited space so we appreciate you giving us time to fill any spots if customers need to cancel. The 20% deposits are non-refundable if cancellations are made 48hrs or less leading upto scheduled lessons. Students will be charged for 50% of the amount of hours booked in the case of last minute cancellation or “no shows”. If weather conditions don’t permit us to carry out scheduled lessons we will do our best to re-book you for another day if your schedule allows. If this is not an option for you, your deposit will be fully refunded.

*There is no guarantee that the goals within each lesson will be reached by every student. The goals however, are based on a typical students ability whom is in good health and very comfortable in the water. We will advance persons through the lessons only as fast as they are capable of learning. Some persons may not reach the goals and require further instruction to do so. Other persons may advance beyond the stated goals in a given lesson.

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