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Kite specific questions

Jabberwock is one of the longest beaches on the island and it faces East towards our prevailing winds. Its always on-shore to side-on, which is perfect for kiting as you will always be blown back towards the shore no matter what happens while you’re on the water. We also have lots of beach space for teaching you to rig, launch/land and control your kite before we put you out onto the water. There is no substitute for learning these essential skills and having a safe place to practice them is what makes Jabberwock the best place on the island to learn.

Kitesurf Antigua has been in operation since early 2001. We have taught over a thousand students in the last 20 years and are proud to say that we have had nothing but great feedback from our happy customers. Kitesurf Antigua has maintained a perfect safety record in over two decades of business.

Yes, all of our instructors are certified by IKO or BKSA and we offer the safest, most efficient teaching methods around.

The amount of time tends to vary depending on the student’s athleticism and experience in other board or wind sports. Our goal is to get students to an independent level where they can be out kiting on their own. It takes anywhere from 9 to 15 hours with an instructor to get to this level. Our 9hr Clinic is structured to get you through all the basics and as close as possible to being independent. Your instructor will asses you at the end of your Clinic to determine how many more hours you’ll need if any.

Yes, just about anyone can learn to kite surf as long as they are in good overall health and comfortable in the water. We’ve taught people in their 70s and people who haven’t been into any other sports before. It may take a bit more time than average but they eventually get there and are always stoked when they do.

We are an official Cabrinha school so we are equipped with the latest Cabrinha gear for kiting . We also support Tona which is a local kite brand and we use Tona wings for wing foiling.

Yes, please ask Adam or one of the instructors before rigging up. Most importantly you should always be aware of swimmers or any locals on the beach, and give them priority. Also ask about the reefs and any hazards you may need to be aware of.

We like a minimum of about 12 knots for beginner lessons. Anything less and the kites don't perform as they should and you spend more time re-launching and un-tangling lines. However, we can still go thru the basics such as kite theory, wind window, and rigging even if there is no wind.

We use Wind Guru or the Windy App for our weather forecasting. Most of the popular wind apps and websites give you a few options for wind models and we’ve found that the GFS is best for our region.

Hopefully we will be able to re-schedule for a better day during your stay here. We will do our best to accommodate you. If the conditions don’t work out and we can’t reschedule you, then your deposit will be fully refunded.

Our Trade Winds blow from November through July with average winds being anywhere from 12 to 20 knots.

We are located on the South end of Jabberwock Beach and you can easily find us on Google maps. The parking lot is just off the main road (next to the AUA Medical University) and our shop is just a few steps away.

Yes, we now accept Visa and Mastercard.

We do not handle accommodations directly but we will be happy recommend somewhere for you to stay. Just let us know what your budget is and we’ll suggest a few places to you.

Accommodation close to jabberwock beach

Located in Hodges Bay just a few minutes from Jabberwock. Buffet style breakfast and lunch included depending on the package you choose.

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Decent rooms for a good rate. Less than 5 minute drive (or 20 minute walk) from Jabberwock Beach. One of the best affordable options in the area.

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Luxurious resort with all the comfort and amenities you could want, including fine dining and high end spa treatment. They are located within walking distance from Jabberewock or a short car ride to the kite location. Check out their website for more details.

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Beautiful shared home located at the north end of Jabberwock Beach, walking distance from the kite spot. Great atmosphere, affordable rate, and very convenient location. Available on AirBnb.

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One of the better hotels in its price range on the north side of the island. Nice view, decent rooms, good value for money. 10 minute drive from Jabberwock Beach. (not on beach but lovely view overlooking Dickenson Bay)

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Located on Dickenson Bay near Sandals Resort. About 15 mins drive from Jabberwock Beach. Lovely cottages and villas to choose from.

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Condominium beach resort located on Dickenson Bay, next to Sandals and Buccaneer Beach Club. Situated right next door is also Salt Plage beach bar and restaurant, as well as a convenience store called EZ Grab for all your basic supplies.

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Beautiful Caribbean home with a panoramic view of the Atlantic ocean. Enjoy the scenery and the trade winds on the spacious front veranda. In the back there is a gazebo perfect for long lasting meals. The garden is big and the property has a private feel, yet it is located close to the airport, shops and restaurants. It is an amazing place to spend time and relax when not exploring the island.

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Where is the best place to eat in antigua?

Garden Grill - A delightful mix of Cajan/Creole, Mexican, and traditional American dishes, served in an open-air setting. Our top pick for dining out.

Gather Steakhouse - Brought to you by Garden Grill. The finest cuts of premium steak and other meats with an array of delicious sides, a la carte. Bring the fam for a feast or pop in for a drink and a couple tasty sides with a friend.

Papa Zouk - The best seafood restaurant on island. Serves only the freshest locally caught seafood in a real Caribbean style setting. Be sure to try their Ti Punch (local rum punch) too.

Cassanova - Arabic style foods such as shawarmas and kebabs. Affordable and conveniently located on the North end of Jabberwock Beach.

Ali Baba - Another great choice if you’re into Arabic food, with a more diverse menu including pizzas and pastas. Great value for money.

LikeaLatte - A good spot for grabbing a coffee and a sandwich. Indoor and outdoor settings with wifi.

Ticchio - Located just next to LikeaLatte, they serve delicious sandwiches to go. Italian style with fresh baguettes.

The Larder - If you’re looking for variety this is a great option. Indoor and outdoor seating with the biggest and most diverse menu of any restaurant on island. There’s something for everyone here.

Nomad - Fancy a night out with your partner or a group of friends? They’ve got a great selection of delicious tapas and mains, and their cocktails are second to none.

Cloggys - Mediterranean style food

Club House - Everything from sushi to steak

Trappas - Diverse menu

Flatties - South African Grill

Indian Summer - Best Indian food on island

Abracadabra - Fine Italian dining

Mauros - Authentic Italian pizza

Paparazzi - Pizzeria/Bar

Sheer Rocks - Best sunset spot and fine dining

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