Learn from the Pioneers of KiteSurfing in Antigua…

Jabberwock Beach 2002

Jabberwock Beach is the birthplace of kitesurfing in Antigua. From the very early days when our friends Eli and Alex (the first kitesurfers on island) were scouring our coastline to find the ideal spots for kiting, they were surprised to find that the best spot wasn’t some remote hidden location, but rather a beach that was literally in our backyard. We all grew up near Jabberwock and it was a beach that we hung out at regularly, so realizing that it was the most ideal place to practice kitesurfing felt like a blessing.

It wasn’t long before Andre Phillip and myself wanted a piece of the action, and being avid wakeboarders we jumped at the opportunity to try out this crazy new sport, and we instantly fell in love. We formed a solid little crew and we spent every moment we could spare at Jabberwock, even if there was barely enough wind to keep a kite in the sky. After seeing the interest in kiting beginning to grow rapidly, and recognizing the potential hazards of people trying to learn on their own, Alex and Eli decided that they should start a kitesurfing school at Jabberwock. Andre was the original instructor at the school but after only a few months of teaching he was getting so good at kiting that he decided to take a shot at going pro. He left to go on tour after picking up some sponsors and I, having just quit my job and become obsessed with kiting myself, took over as the instructor. Since then our little crew has grown to include people from all over.

There’ve been more Antiguans learning to kite each year, we’ve got kiters returning from all corners of the globe each season, and of course our friends and extended family from the yachting community who consider Jabberwock their second home. We welcome everyone to come and experience the fun of kitesurfing with us, and get a little taste of that magic that Jabberwock has to offer. ~ Adam

Founder / Director

Adam has been running the school and catering to all things kiteboarding for nearly two decates. From teaching countless lessons,to producing kite films and planningadventures to get more exposure and grow the sport in Antigua. If there is anything you need to know about kiting in Antigua, he’s your guy.

Instructor / Pro Kiteboarder

Andre Phillip is a name that is synonymous with kiteboarding. He’s part of the OG Jabberwock crew and Antigua’s proudest export. As a pro of 20 years he’s travelled the world representing our island and is now offering advanced kite lessons and beginner to advanced wing lessons here at Kitesurf Antigua.


Growing up a short bike ride from Jabberwock meant only one thing for Dani. With an early start as an avid sailor it was only a matter of time before he’d join the kite and wing club. He’s our young and upcoming star who shows endless potential. For beginner wing lessons and any beach assistance Dani is at your service.

Our Hours

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Jabberwock Beach,
St. George's,
Antigua W.I.

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