Rentals are provided as a convenience for experienced riders only. All riders will be screened briefly on their basic skills including safety system use, rules of the beach, riding location assessment, launch/landing technique, and self rescue prior to rental.
Students who have successfully reached IKO Kiteboarder Card Level 2 from Kite Antigua are also eligible to rent equipment.

Half day = 3 hours
Full day = more than 3 hours

Kite and Board Kite Only Board Only
US $50 per hour US $40 per hour US $30 per hour
US $75 half day US $60 half day US $40 half day
US $100 full day US $80 full day US $50 full day

Harness/Helmet = US $20 per day (minimum)

NOTICE: Kiteboarding at a new location can be dangerous even for some novices and Level 2 Certified kiteboarders. If you are new to Jabberwock Beach and are not familiar with the surroundings please ask for assistance. If you are not 100% capable of managing yourself and your equipment on your own please do not attempt to rent gear. You may need further tuition and can book one of our instructors for an hour or two to help you (see our Lessons page for Custom hourly rates). Also, please do not attempt to launch or land your kite by yourself if there are others around who can help you. Always ask for assistance, self landing/launching should only be a last resort.

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