Directions and Transportation

Kitesurf Antigua is located on Jabberwock Beach, just next to the AUA (American University of Antigua) medical school. If you are driving from the direction of the airport you will pass the school on your right hand side, and just after that you’ll see the parking lot at the South end of the beach where our trailer is located. If you are coming from the direction of the Hodges Bay main road, when you pass the last speed bump as you leave the Hodges Bay area you will get your first glimpse of Jabberwock Beach on your left, and soon after you’ll see Jabber Grabber mini mart on your right. Keep going along Jabberwock Road until you see the parking lot at the south end of the beach and that’s where you’ll find us.

Please see the map below for our location, and plan your route accordingly.

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Taxis: You can get a taxi from any hotel on the island to Jabberwock Beach. All taxis charge ‘per person’ and their rates are based on one way trips. You can expect to pay anywhere from US $12 to US $30 for a one way trip, depending on how far your hotel is located from Jabberwock Beach. Hotels on or near the North side of the island are anywhere between US $12 and US $18, while hotels on the West coast are usually between US $20 and US $24. Hotels on the South side or to the far East are between US $24 and US $30.

Buses: You can also take buses to get to Jabberwock. Its is very cheap but please keep in mind that they do not take you directly to or all the way to Jabberwock Beach. Most of the routes will go through St. John’s and you will have to transfer from the West bus station to the East bus station. This involves a 15 minute walk across St. John’s to make the transfer. Although the buses are cheap they are not recommended if you have a scheduled lesson, as they can make what would typically be a 30 or 40 minute journey into several hours. If you are coming to kite at Jabberwock on your own time and prefer to use the bus system, you can find more information at the following link: